27 March 2012

FEE Survey on 'Structure and Organisation of the Accountancy Profession across 30 European countries'

FEE has studied the structure and organisation of the accountancy profession across 30 European countries and summarised key facts and findings in this report.

This report is a snapshot that will provide interested parties with information about the accountancy professions per country, including an outline of the different education, qualification and registration requirements, reserved activities, supervision and competent authorities. Information about professional accountancy bodies and their roles and activities is available as well, showing how the professions are organised.

Related files:
 01. Key Features on Structure and Organisation of the Accountancy Profession across 30 European countries
 02. Austria
 03. Belgium
 04. Bulgaria
 05. Croatia
 06. Cyprus
 07. Czech Republic
 08. Denmark
 09. Finland
 10. France
 11. Germany
 12. Greece
 13. Hungary
 14. Iceland
 15. Ireland
 16. Italy
 17. Latvia
 18. Lithuania
 19. Luxembourg
 20. Malta
 21. Netherlands
 22. Norway
 23. Poland
 24. Portugal
 25. Romania
 26. Slovak Republic
 27. Slovenia
 28. Spain
 29. Sweden
 30. Switzerland
 31. United Kingdom

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