13 July 2015

FEE provides unique overview of national public audit oversight in 23 European countries


The recent changes in EU audit legislation also impact how public oversight of statutory auditors and audit firms is organised in EU member states. Based on the input of our members, this new FEE publication gives a unique insight into the public oversight of the audit profession at national level. This is part of FEE’s contributions to enhance the consistent application of the EU audit legislation across Member States to the largest extent possible.

This publication sets out, for 23 countries:

  1. the current state of affairs in audit oversight; and
  2. the expected changes at national level based on the provisions of the 2014 EU audit reform.

FEE survey*

Organisation of the Public Oversight of the Audit Profession in 23 European Countries

* This FEE Survey is a dynamic document that is updated on a regular basis.                                                                           Last update: 8 September 2015 with changes for Ireland, Lithuania and Romania.

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