Audit reform

Consultation response, 5 May 2021
IESBA’s proposed revisions to the definitions of listed entity and public interest entity in the code
Podcast, 23 April 2021
An inside look into the BEIS consultation
Podcast, 5 March 2021
Get your seat at the top table
Publication, 2 February 2021
10 most popular publications in 2020
Publication, 9 July 2020
Organisation of the public oversight of the audit profession in 30 European countries
Publication, 9 July 2020
Implementation of the 2014 EU Audit Directive and regulation in 30 European countries
Publication, 10 December 2019
10 most popular webpages of 2019
Update, 3 May 2019
Audit Policy
News, 30 April 2019
Study on EU statutory audit reform
In the media, 10 April 2019
Evolution of SME audit in Europe from the perspective of the legislation and auditing standards
Update, 2 April 2019
Audit Policy
Publication, 11 December 2018
10 Most popular publications of 2018

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