Good Governance & Sustainable Economy

Professional accountants are instrumental in promoting good corporate governance, facilitating a high-quality information flow between management, board, shareholders, regulators, and other stakeholders. They are essential in a system of checks and balances that contributes to more sustainable and responsible organisations and therefore economies.

Consultation response, 26 July 2007
FEE Comment Letter to AccountAbility on Consultation on Guidance Note on Assurance Levels & Statements as they relate to AA1000 Assurance Standard
Press release, 12 July 2007
Simplification should not be simplistic says FEE
Publication, 17 April 2007
Further Preliminary FEE Position in Relation to Simplification for SMEs: Accounting and Auditing Aspects
Consultation response, 5 February 2007
Call for evidence on the supervisory functioning of the Prospectus Directive and Regulation
Consultation response, 6 December 2006
Assurance on Sustainability Reports
Event, 21 November 2006
Assurance on Sustainability
Press release, 7 September 2006
FEE Annual European SME/SMP Congress
Event, 7 September 2006
Annual European SME/SMP Congress
Publication, 13 June 2006
Key Issues In Sustainability Assurance – An Overview
Press release, 13 June 2006
European Accountants call for a specific international standard on sustainability assurance
Consultation response, 24 May 2006
IAASB Consultation Paper on Assurance Aspects of G3 – The Global Reporting Initiative’s 2006 Draft Sustainability Reporting Guidelines
Publication, 25 April 2006
Survey of Financial Control and Expenditure Approval in Central Governments across Europe

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