Good Governance & Sustainability

Professional accountants are instrumental in promoting good corporate governance, facilitating a high-quality information flow between management, board, shareholders, regulators, and other stakeholders. They are essential in a system of checks and balances that contributes to more sustainable and responsible organisations and therefore economies.

Publication, 14 February 2017
What to expect? Mutual Evaluations by the Financial Action Task Force
Publication, 9 January 2017
EU Business Insolvency. A contribution from the Accountancy profession
Publication, 2 November 2016
Looking to the future – business succession for family business
Event, 27 September 2016
Accountancy Europe Digital Day
In the media, 16 September 2016
Looking at the European market: diversity and convergence
Consultation response, 24 June 2016
The Federation responds to European Commission's consultation on an effective insolvency framework
Publication, 15 June 2016
European SMP survey 2015
Publication, 1 April 2016
The key benefits of adopting accrual accounting
Consultation response, 5 February 2016
FEE submits views on IPSASB’s consultation paper on social benefits
Publication, 18 January 2016
The impact of the audit reform on audit committees in Europe
Team member, 1 November 2015
Willem Roekens
Team member, 1 November 2015
Vita Ramanauskaité

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