Finance & Investment

We strongly support European policymakers’ efforts to encourage long term investment and create deeper and stronger capital markets.

Consultation response, 14 November 2005
FEE Comment Letter to the Basel Committee Basel Committee 051114 CP Corporate governance
Consultation response, 22 July 2005
Potential Amendments to the Insurance Groups Directive
News, 4 July 2005
CEIOPS Launches Consultation on Solvency II
Consultation response, 22 June 2005
Public Sector Disclosure Requirements
Consultation response, 31 March 2005
Potential IAA Standards regarding International Financial Reporting Standards
Consultation response, 30 June 2004
Public Sector: Revenue from Non-Exchange Transactions
Consultation response, 30 June 2004
Public Sector: Accounting for Social Policies of Governments
Publication, 4 August 2003
Public Sector Annual Management Reports on the Activities for the Financial Year

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