Finance & Investment

We strongly support European policymakers’ efforts to encourage long term investment and create deeper and stronger capital markets.

Consultation response, 17 May 2017
European Commission on FinTech
Update, 5 May 2017
Capital Markets Union
Update, 5 April 2017
Capital Markets Union
Consultation response, 20 March 2017
EC’s consultation: the mid-term review of the CMU
Publication, 8 March 2017
The Shortage of Risk Capital for Europe’s High Growth Businesses
Update, 2 March 2017
Capital Markets Union
In the media, 14 February 2017 – Cramped by cramdowns: national hurdles for EU insolvency plan
Update, 1 February 2017
Capital Markets Union
Update, 2 January 2017
Capital Markets Union
Publication, 19 December 2016
Auditor’s involvement regarding the ex-ante contributions to the Single Resolution Fund
Publication, 15 December 2016
Scope of audit of Solvency II reporting by insurance undertakings
Update, 6 December 2016
FEE CMU Policy Update

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