Professional accountants have the expertise and ethical principles to provide a trustworthy, independent opinion on a large array of matters. Statutory auditors audit the financial statements of an organisation, or provide other forms of assurance in additional areas, equally contributing to trust and integrity. We work toward the continued enhancement of audit quality in cooperation with all relevant stakeholders.

Consultation response, 28 November 2003
Proposed Revised Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants
Press release, 28 October 2003
FEE Supports Global Regulatory Approach
Publication, 18 October 2003
European Co-ordination of Public Oversight
Consultation response, 14 October 2003
Revision of the Eighth Directive
Publication, 2 October 2003
International Standards on Auditing (ISAs)
Publication, 1 October 2003
Registration of Audit Firms in the EU
Press release, 15 September 2003
FEE Calls for European Co-ordination of Oversight of the Audit Profession
Press release, 1 September 2003
Audit Committee Key to Investor Confidence
Consultation response, 31 August 2003
Revision of the Eighth Directive
Publication, 7 July 2003
The Financial Reporting and Auditing Aspects of Corporate Governance
Publication, 7 July 2003
Auditor’s Independence
Consultation response, 30 June 2003
Oversight of Accounting Firms located in Europe

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