Professional accountants have the expertise and ethical principles to provide a trustworthy, independent opinion on a large array of matters. Statutory auditors audit the financial statements of an organisation, or provide other forms of assurance in additional areas, equally contributing to trust and integrity. We work toward the continued enhancement of audit quality in cooperation with all relevant stakeholders.

Publication, 9 July 2020
Organisation of the public oversight of the audit profession in 30 European countries
Publication, 9 July 2020
Implementation of the 2014 EU Audit Directive and regulation in 30 European countries
Publication, 24 June 2020
How do multidisciplinary teams contribute to audit quality?
Update, 23 June 2020
Audit Policy
Publication, 19 June 2020
Coronavirus’ impact on ongoing audits
News, 17 June 2020
Accountancy Europe leads the non-financial reporting debate
Publication, 12 June 2020
Setting up for high-quality non-financial information assurance in Europe
Consultation response, 11 June 2020
Public letter to the IAASB: progress on draft standard for auditing less-complex entities
Stories from Practice, 9 June 2020
SME auditor brings good governance to charities
Update, 7 May 2020
Audit Policy
News, 5 May 2020
Coronavirus’ impact on auditing for 2019 year-ends and beyond
Publication, 4 May 2020
Our work on the future of audit & assurance

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