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19 March 2015

Tax Transparency Package


Brussels, 19 March 2015
Yesterday the European Commission issued a package of measures to boost tax transparency. This is the first step in a programme to reform EU tax policy. The Commission’s main proposal is that all Member States shall share information on the tax rulings they grant to multinational corporations, but it also includes other transparency initiatives.
FEE believes that tax policy is a matter for society as a whole. We look forward to discussing these issues in more detail at our 4th FEE Tax Day on 29 April 2015.
We welcome the Commission’s actions to modernise the international tax system; a robust legislative process is needed to work towards coordinated, new and stable tax regimes for corporations operating in the realities of the 21st century. We will keep engaging with all stakeholders to advance this debate and find sustainable solutions.
The accountancy profession recognises that the political context on tax matters has radically changed. Legislation has not kept up with an increasingly digital and global economy. It is difficult to question yesterday’s practices in the light of today’s values, including social responsibility.
We support efforts to update the international framework on corporate taxation and other progress in addressing the demands of civil society for more transparency and of business for more clarity and legal certainty. Increased transparency can ensure better accountability and decision making. This only works if this transparency focusses on the quality and relevance of the information disclosed, rather than merely make more information available. It should not add any further confusion to the already complex area of international tax legislation.

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Laura Buijs, Manager Public Affairs & Outreach

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