Press release, 31 March 2010
Swedish accounting firms help SMEs to strengthen their businesses and adopt sustainable business practices, at the same time!
Press release, 7 January 2010
COP 15: not the success hoped for! FEE continues to communicate its strategies on sustainability to help SMEs, the public sector and accountants drive sustainable change
News, 28 October 2009
EC Joint Transfer Pricing Forum (JTPF)
Press release, 9 July 2009
SME accounting standard will enhance transparency
Press release, 27 February 2009
FEE supports simplification, but doubts Commission’s proposal on ‘micros-entities’ is fit for purpose
Press release, 15 November 2007
Company law, accounting and auditing: Commission’s simplification approach might jeopardise the Single Market, say European SMEs and accountants
Press release, 15 November 2007
Summary of the Joint Workshop on Simplification organised by UEAPME – EFAA and FEE
Press release, 12 July 2007
Simplification should not be simplistic says FEE
Press release, 7 September 2006
FEE Annual European SME/SMP Congress
Press release, 3 February 2006
Improving SME Access to Finance
News, 7 September 2005
ISAs for Small and Medium-sized Entities
Press release, 11 July 2005
Protecting SMEs from Fraud

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