Publication, 30 April 2014
Factsheet on the new 2014 Audit Directive and Regulation with focus on SMEs
Publication, 19 March 2012
Report – FEE Roundtable Series ‘Access to Finance for SMEs – In Search of Innovative Solutions’
Publication, 12 March 2010
FEE Position on EC Consultation on IFRS for SMEs
Publication, 7 January 2010
FEE issued three policy statements on Sustainability
Publication, 21 April 2009
FEE Position on EC Consultation Paper on Review of the Accounting Directives – Cutting Accounting Burden for Small Business / Review of the Accounting Directives
Publication, 18 April 2008
Trans-national Organisations and Practices within the Accountancy Profession
Publication, 17 April 2007
Further Preliminary FEE Position in Relation to Simplification for SMEs: Accounting and Auditing Aspects
Publication, 2 November 2005
FEE Guide – How SMEs can reduce the risk of fraud
Publication, 8 October 2004
Avoiding Business Failure – A Guide for SMEs
Publication, 14 April 2003
Directory of Member Body Publications on SME and SMP Matters (Update 2003)
Publication, 26 April 2002
How to Prepare the Successful Sale of an Established Family Business
Publication, 16 July 2001
Business Valuation: A Guide for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

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