Public sector

Consultation response, 20 June 2006
IPSASB Exposure Draft 29 ‘Revenue from Non-Exchange Transactions (including Taxes and Transfers)’
Publication, 24 February 2006
Accrual Accounting for More Effective Public Policy
Publication, 24 February 2006
Better Financial Information for Better Decision Making
Press release, 25 November 2005
Public sector organisations have a responsibility to develop anti-fraud policies to show those seeking to defraud the government that such action is unacceptable and will not be tolerated advised FEE at the launch of a new publication, entitled Good Practice in Tackling External Fraud.
Press release, 22 June 2005
Update on International Standard on Disclosure Requirements
Consultation response, 22 June 2005
Public Sector Disclosure Requirements
Press release, 27 September 2004
European Public Sector Signals Move to International Standards
Consultation response, 30 June 2004
Public Sector: Revenue from Non-Exchange Transactions
Consultation response, 30 June 2004
Public Sector: Accounting for Social Policies of Governments
Publication, 5 April 2004
Member Bodies Activities in Public Sector Accounting and Public Sector Accounting Standard Setting
Publication, 3 March 2004
Risks and Audit Implications of Electronic Service Delivery in the Public Sector
Publication, 4 August 2003
Public Sector Annual Management Reports on the Activities for the Financial Year

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