Public sector

Consultation response, 13 September 2019
IPSASB’s consultation on measurement
Stories from Practice, 17 June 2019
Accountants highlight risks for a positive social impact
Event, 12 June 2019
Ethics and public financial management
Consultation response, 22 May 2019
IPSASB’s exposure draft on collective and individual services and emergency relief
Stories from Practice, 1 April 2019
Single audits ensure that government money is being well spent
Consultation response, 12 March 2019
GRI’s exposure draft on Tax and Payments to Governments
Stories from Practice, 4 March 2019
Connecting accountants to future-proof the National Health Service
Stories from Practice, 4 February 2019
Auditor gives Yorkshire police a good governance makeover
Stories from practice, 5 September 2018
Change is in the air? Help a country: send in the auditors
Stories from practice, 30 May 2018
Auditing the coast, saving the beaches
Consultation response, 28 March 2018
IPSASB’s exposure draft on Social Benefits
Event, 28 March 2018
IPSASB 2019-2023 Strategy and Work Plan Stakeholder Consultation

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