Event, 12 November 2019
Capital Markets Union 2024
Consultation response, 16 October 2018
ESMA’s draft guidance on prospectus risk factors
Update, 24 November 2017
SME Update
Consultation response, 28 September 2017
ESMA’s prospectus reform
Speech, 11 July 2017
QED Conference on EU Prospectus Regulation
Publication, 6 July 2017
Joint proposals on the prospectus regulation level II measures
Publication, 9 June 2017
Model simplified SME Prospectus
Publication, 27 May 2016
Simplified prospectus for SMEs
Press release, 24 November 2015
EU associations trio strongly involved with SMEs forge common CMU position
Consultation response, 20 May 2015
FEE comments on the review of the Prospectus Directive
Consultation response, 25 February 2011
FEE Comment Letter on ESMA Call for evidence on the EC request for technical advice on possible delegated acts concerning the Prospectus Directive (2003/71/EC) as amended by the Directive 2010/73/EU
Consultation response, 16 September 2010
FEE Comment Letter on the IAASB Proposed ISAE 3420, Assurance Reports on the Process to Compile Pro Forma Financial Information Included in a Prospectus

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