Press release

Press release, 3 July 2017
Upcoming project on NFI Directive in collaboration with GRI and CSR Europe
Press release, 22 June 2017
Press release – Accountancy Europe says EC tax intermediary proposal can support better tax transparency, but can be improved
Press Release, 8 June 2017
Accountancy Europe presents concrete steps to improve SMEs’ access to capital markets under CMU
Press Release, 7 December 2016
Accountancy Europe – a new beginning on solid foundations
Press release, 17 June 2016
FEE encourages Member States to consistently apply new audit rules
Press release, 12 April 2016
The Federation of European Accountants supports effective corporate tax transparency
Press release, 7 April 2016
The Federation of European Accountants welcomes plans to simplify VAT and tackle fraud in the EU
Press release, 16 December 2015
FEE welcomes three new Members and re-elects two Board members
Press release, 3 December 2015
FEE shows significant differences in developments on audit quality
Press release, 26 November 2015
TAXE Committee drives the tax debate forward
Press release, 24 November 2015
EU associations trio strongly involved with SMEs forge common CMU position
Press release, 12 October 2015
FEE calls for innovation in corporate reporting

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