non-financial assurance

Event, 22 June 2022
Sustainability assurance under the CSRD: practical implications
Event, 20 June 2022
ESG & Corporate Governance: the evolving role of audit committees
Publication, 10 May 2022
Sustainability assurance under the CSRD
Publication, 28 January 2022
Supply chain sustainability assessment
Consultation response, 17 November 2021
EU Taxonomy and Article 8 Delegated Act implementation need clarity
Publication, 3 November 2021
FAQs on sustainability information assurance
Publication, 2 November 2021
Non-audit services and auditor’s independence
Event, 20 October 2021
Members’ Engagement Day
Consultation response, 22 September 2021
EC’s proposal of an EU standard for green bonds
News, 7 July 2021
New Roadmap enhances EU Sustainable Finance Strategy
Blog, 6 July 2021
EU green bond standard: Europe’s next move to help finance sustainable projects
Consultation response, 1 July 2021
EC’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive proposal – feedback statement

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