Joint initiative

Event, 19 February 2014
Audit exemption: how can accountants support small businesses?
Event, 2 December 2013
Maystadt Review: ensuring EU influence over global financial reporting standards
Event, 26 September 2013
Is positive assurance on narrative reporting the way forward to meet stakeholders’ needs?
Event, 17 June 2011
European Roundtable on Integrated Reporting
Event, 11 January 2011
Public Sector Seminar
Event, 15 April 2010
FEE-CNDCEC Congress Venice 2010
Event, 17 March 2009
Pension Accounting Seminar
Press release, 28 October 2008
Third Joint EC/FEE Conference ‘Modernisation Accounting in the Public Sector – Accrual Accounting: where are we and where to go next?’
Event, 10 September 2008
Fourth European SME/SMP Congress
Press release, 15 November 2007
Summary of the Joint Workshop on Simplification organised by UEAPME – EFAA and FEE
Press release, 7 August 2006
European Accountants to co-host Public Sector Conference with European Commission

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