Joint initiative

Event, 24 June 2021
Sustainable financing 101 – State of play and next steps
News, 8 June 2021
Stakeholders issue a joint statement on EU sustainable corporate governance
Event, 12 May 2021
Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive: Roadmap to implementation
Event, 4 May 2021
From risks to resilience: benefits of intellectual property for your business
Event, 29 April 2021
Working Together for the planet: Audit & Assurance of sustainability Information
Event, 25 March 2021
IFAC PAO digital readiness assessment tool
Event, 18 March 2021
Bridging expectations: what NFI from SMEs?
Event, 24 February 2021
Intellectual Property for SMEs: What role for accountants?
Event, 5 February 2021
Sustainable corporate governance: future role for audit committees
News, 4 December 2020
Supporting SMEs’ access to COVID support funding via professional advice
Event, 19 November 2020
Small in size, big in impact: Can NFI work for SMEs?
News, 2 July 2020
Equity: the key to unlocking a sustainable economic recovery

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