Publication, 1 February 2021
SME risk management: insolvency
Podcast , 16 October 2020
SMEs: What’s next?
Publication, 28 March 2019
The Business Insolvency Directive
Blog, 16 October 2017
Business insolvency: breaking the taboo
Event, 10 October 2017
EU Business Insolvency: How to contribute?
Publication, 3 October 2017
EU Business restructuring & insolvency
In the media, 14 February 2017 – Cramped by cramdowns: national hurdles for EU insolvency plan
Publication, 9 January 2017
EU Business Insolvency. A contribution from the Accountancy profession
Consultation response, 24 June 2016
European Commission consultation on an effective insolvency framework
Update, 3 March 2016
FEE CMU Policy Update

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