Future audit & assurance

Event, 12 October 2020
Implementing ESEF
Event, 1 October 2020
Postponed: The path to high-quality non-financial information assurance
Consultation response, 24 July 2020
IAASB’s consultation on proposed guidance: extended external reporting (EER) assurance
Publication, 24 June 2020
How do multidisciplinary teams contribute to audit quality?
Publication, 12 June 2020
Setting up for high-quality non-financial information assurance in Europe
Publication, 28 May 2020
Coronacrisis: actions for the public sector
Publication, 28 May 2020
Coronacrisis: short-term actions for the public sector
Publication, 4 May 2020
Our work on the future of audit & assurance
Publication, 8 April 2020
The scope of bank audits in Europe
Event, 23 March 2020
Postponed: Enhancing reliability of non-financial information
Publication, 19 February 2020
Towards reliable non-financial information across Europe
Publication, 19 December 2019
Independent assurance on the European Single Electronic Format

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