EU Policy

Publication, 31 March 2004
Policy Document on Proposed EU Audit Directive
Press release, 16 March 2004
European Accountants Welcome Revised EU Audit Directive
Consultation response, 4 December 2003
Principles to included in the Eighth Directive
Consultation response, 31 August 2003
Revision of the Eighth Directive
Consultation response, 31 July 2003
Corporate Governance and Company Law
Consultation response, 23 July 2003
VAT- The Place of Supply of Services
Publication, 7 July 2003
The Financial Reporting and Auditing Aspects of Corporate Governance
Consultation response, 25 June 2003
Green Paper Entrepreneurship in Europe
Consultation response, 11 June 2003
Home State Taxation for SMEs in the EU
Press release, 21 May 2003
FEE Calls for Urgent Progression of European Commission Proposals
Consultation response, 13 May 2003
Using IAS for a EU Common Tax Base
Consultation response, 10 April 2003
Proposed Directive on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications

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