Consultation response, 1 June 2023
IIASB’s proposed Global Internal Audit Standards
Consultation response, 11 May 2023
IESBA’s proposed revisions to the Code addressing tax planning and related services
Blog, 19 April 2023
Beyond the books: soft skills as important for accountants as technical knowledge
Blog, 8 September 2022
Accountants and ethics: promoting trust in the public sector
Consultation response, 6 July 2022
IESBA’s survey on its future strategy and workplan
Consultation response, 31 May 2022
IESBA’s proposed revisions to the Code on engagement team and group audits definition
Publication, 30 May 2022
Non-audit services
Publication, 9 March 2022
War in Ukraine – what European accountants need to know
Publication, 28 January 2022
Supply chain sustainability assessment
Consultation response, 25 August 2021
IAASB’s survey consultation: work plan for 2022‒2023
Consultation response, 5 May 2021
IESBA’s proposed revisions to the definitions of listed entity and public interest entity in the code
Podcast , 16 December 2020
Ethics, digitalisation and accounting

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