Corporate governance

Publication, 15 June 2012
Discussion Paper on the Functioning of the Audit Committees
Press release, 15 June 2012
FEE recommends improvements to the functioning of the audit committees
Consultation response, 22 July 2011
FEE Comment Letter on the EC Green Paper on the EU Corporate Governance Framework
Consultation response, 7 September 2010
FEE Comment Letter on the European Commission Green Paper on Corporate Governance in Financial Institutions and Remuneration Policies
Press release, 20 November 2009
FEE News Release: DP Assurance on Corporate Governance Statements
Publication, 20 November 2009
Discussion Paper for Auditor’s Role Regarding Providing Assurance on Corporate Governance Statements
Publication, 1 September 2009
7 key objectives for 5 decisive years
Press release, 18 April 2008
How the accountancy profession is organised to meet the growing internationalisation of business needs
Consultation response, 4 April 2006
Consultation on Future Priorities for the Action Plan on Modernising Company Law and Enhancing Corporate Governance in the European Union
Press release, 6 March 2006
Corporate Governance: Clarification of the 'Comply or Explain' Principle
Consultation response, 14 November 2005
FEE Comment Letter to the Basel Committee Basel Committee 051114 CP Corporate governance
Press release, 31 May 2005
Alternatives to Existing Capital Maintenance Regime

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