Corporate governance

Publication, 3 October 2017
EU Business restructuring & insolvency
Consultation response, 18 July 2017
EU Company law upgrade on rules on digital solutions and cross-border operations
Consultation response, 24 May 2017
European Commission on whistleblower protection
Publication, 9 January 2017
EU Business Insolvency. A contribution from the Accountancy profession
Publication, 18 January 2016
The impact of the audit reform on audit committees in Europe
Team member, 1 November 2015
Iryna de Smedt
Publication, 23 October 2013
Paper on the auditor selection process: towards best practices
Consultation response, 16 April 2013
FEE comments on Main Initiatives of the Action Plan: European company law and corporate governance
Publication, 15 June 2012
Discussion Paper on the Functioning of the Audit Committees
Press release, 15 June 2012
FEE recommends improvements to the functioning of the audit committees
Consultation response, 22 July 2011
FEE Comment Letter on the EC Green Paper on the EU Corporate Governance Framework
Consultation response, 7 September 2010
FEE Comment Letter on the European Commission Green Paper on Corporate Governance in Financial Institutions and Remuneration Policies

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