Consultation response, 3 July 2023
IASB’s exposure draft on amendments to the classification and measurement of financial instruments and EFRAG’s draft comment letter thereon
Event, 24 May 2023
Members only: New EU AML rules – What changes for accountants?
Blog, 19 April 2023
Beyond the books: soft skills as important for accountants as technical knowledge
Publication, 9 March 2022
War in Ukraine – what European accountants need to know
Consultation response, 25 January 2022
IASB’s Exposure Draft on Subsidiaries without Public Accountability: Disclosures and EFRAG’s draft comment letter thereon
Consultation response, 17 December 2021
IASB’s Exposure Draft on Disclosure Requirements: A Pilot Approach and EFRAG’s draft comment letter thereon
Team member, 17 September 2021
Nael Braham
Consultation response, 13 July 2021
IASB’s third agenda consultation, EFRAG’s draft comment letter and own proactive research agenda consultation
Podcast, 18 June 2021
Do accountants hold the key to changing our flawed economy?
Stories from Practice, 31 May 2021
Digitalising the accountancy profession: what role for young professionals?
News, 2 March 2021
VAT Talks: digitalisation, accountants’ role and the growing importance of tax
Publication, 2 February 2021
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