28 April 2015

FEE stimulates the tax policy debate in new publication


FEE gathers stakeholders’ views in ‘The Tax Policy Debate: A Matter for Society as a Whole’

In this publication, FEE collates the views of a wide range of stakeholders on the tax policy debate in Europe. By bringing together 22 different perspectives, the publication provides unique insight into the current and future challenges for taxation policy.

Please download your preferred version of ‘The Tax Policy Debate: A Matter for Society as a Whole’ below:

  • Short version: includes the summaries of the contributions by stakeholders
  • Full version: includes the full contributions by stakeholders

Responsible and fair taxation has become a key topic of public debate.

One of the reasons that makes consensus on tax policy persistently difficult to achieve is that tax involves many different players: legislators, taxation authorities, taxpayers and tax professionals. FEE believes that taxation is a matter for society as whole.

All sides of the debate have to be considered in finding a way forward for tax policy in Europe.

This publication is part of the Cogito series, a selection of publications by FEE that aim at stimulating the stakeholder debate.

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