2 December 2014

Tax Policy: A Matter for Society as a Whole’


FEE Invites Contributions for a Compendium of Opinions

FEE has launched a new project, aiming to produce a publication collecting together a broad cross-section of opinions on the future of tax policy.

The pace of change in the world appears to be ever increasing and this is equally true in the world of business and the world of taxation. The speed at which responsible and fair taxation has become a key topic of public disquiet has surprised business, governments, regulators and the accounting profession.

We appear to be facing a fundamental transition. Some parties now see taxation as a matter of social fairness and not just in terms of complying with applicable laws. Many parties are calling for a quick resolution to the issue but with so many divergent views being aired it is proving difficult to achieve a common agreement on the best way forward.

It is for this reason that we intend to publish the compendium. We firmly believe that consensus is impossible unless the views of all sides of the argument are heard and considered. It is our hope that the publication will assist in this process and thus facilitate the development of a consensus in the future.

We are not looking for detailed technical comments on specific tax issues but we place no other restrictions on the topic or topics that you choose to address. Please feel free to contribute to one or more of the issues being currently debated or even give your proposals for a taxation architecture suitable for an increasingly virtual world economy.

We look forward to receiving your contribution!

For further information on this project, please contact Paul Gisby, Manager, from the FEE Team on +32 2 285 40 70 or via e-mail at

This publication is part of Accountancy Europe’s Cogito series. We set up Cogito (i.e. I think) to provide new ideas for the European accountancy profession, enhance innovation and contribute more to business and society. Cogito publications aim to stimulate debate; the views expressed thus do not reflect the official positions of Accountancy Europe or those of any of its member bodies.


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