30 March 2014

Reform of the Audit Market – Summary of FEE Publications


Since the publication of the Green Paper “Audit Policy: Lessons from the Crisis” in 2010 by Commissioner Barnier, FEE has informed the public policymaking process and maintain a constructive dialogue with all stakeholders.


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April 2014 – FEE News Release: European Parliament vote on audit reform: FEE is committed to make the best of this challenging reform and safeguard audit quality

February 2014 – FEE Letter to the European Commission regarding the new Audit Reform (Directive and Regulation)

December 2013 – FEE News Release: Comments on the announced agreement on European audit reform

November 2013 – FEE Letter on the Audit Reform Proposals: European Trialogue

August 2013 – FEE Article: Audit Policy under the Lithuanian Presidency

May 2013 – FEE News Release: Council split on European Commission’s proposals on audit policy

July 2012 – FEE Policy Statement: The Provision of Non-Audit Services to Audit Clients that are Public Interest Entities (PIEs)

July 2012 – FEE Policy Statement: Improved Auditor Reporting

July 2012 – FEE Policy Statement: Public Oversight of Statutory Auditors and Audit Firms auditing Public Interest Entities and non-Public Interest Entities

July 2012 – FEE Policy Statement: Adoption of International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) in the European Union

March 2012 – FEE President Speech in a public hearing of the European Parliament: How to best improve the quality of audit?

March 2012 – FEE Background Paper: Improving the quality of audit – Building on 10 years of lessons learnt

December 2011 – FEE Article in the Parliament Magazine: Taking audit policy forward

November 2011 – FEE News Release: initial views on European Commission Proposals on Audit Policy

September 2011 – FEE News Release: FEE initial reaction on media reports regarding European Commission proposals on audit policy

September 2011 – FEE Briefing Paper: Proportionality and International Standards on Auditing (ISAs)

June 2011 – FEE News Release: Stakeholders to join forces to advance Audit Policy

June 2011 – FEE Conference on Audit Policy

June 2011 – FEE Briefing Paper: Appointment of the Auditor

June 2011 – FEE Briefing Paper: The Provision of Non-Audit Services to Audit Clients

June 2011 – FEE Briefing Paper: Future Supervision of the Audit Profession – Further Cooperation

June 2011 – FEE Briefing Paper: Developing the Role of the Auditor and Auditor’s Communication

June 2011 – FEE Briefing Paper: European Passport for Auditors and Audit Firms

February 2011 – FEE Article in the Parliament Magazine: Developing a Sound Audit Policy

December 2010 – FEE Letter: Full response to the Green Paper


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