Publication, 1 February 2021
SME risk management: insolvency
Publication, 25 January 2021
European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) – collected guidance
Publication, 30 November 2020
Brexit & direct taxes
Publication, 30 November 2020
Brexit, VAT and customs duty – prepare now
Publication, 15 July 2020
SME risk management: sustainability
Publication, 9 July 2020
Organisation of the public oversight of the audit profession in 30 European countries
Publication, 9 July 2020
How is the European accountancy profession organised?
Publication, 7 July 2020
How is access to the European accountancy profession regulated?
Publication, 24 June 2020
How do multidisciplinary teams contribute to audit quality?
Publication, 19 June 2020
Coronavirus’ impact on ongoing audits
Publication, 15 June 2020
Follow-up paper: Interconnected standard setting for corporate reporting
Publication, 12 June 2020
Setting up for high-quality non-financial information assurance in Europe

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