Publication, 11 October 1999
Providing Assurance on Environmental Reports
Publication, 11 October 1999
A Financial Reporting Strategy within Europe
Publication, 27 July 1999
Charter of the European Professional Associations in support of the Fight Against Organised Crime
Publication, 10 May 1999
Review of International Accounting Standards for Environmental Issues
Publication, 5 April 1999
Comparison of the EC Accounting Directives and IASs
Publication, 10 March 1999
The Liberalisation of the Accountancy Profession in Europe
Publication, 31 July 1998
Statutory Audit Independence and Objectivity
Publication, 30 June 1998
Setting the Standards – Statutory Audit in Europe
Publication, 30 April 1998
Continuous Quality Assurance – Statutory Audit in Europe

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