Publication, 7 July 2003
The Adoption of Accrual Accounting and Budgeting by Governments (Central, Federal, Regional and Local)
Publication, 22 May 2003
Annual Report 2002
Publication, 21 May 2003
The Role of Accounting and Auditing in Europe
Publication, 14 April 2003
Directory of Member Body Publications on SME and SMP Matters (Update 2003)
Publication, 7 April 2003
Principles of Assurance – Full-Length Version
Publication, 7 April 2003
Principles of Assurance – Abridged Version
Publication, 3 March 2003
Business Combinations
Publication, 17 February 2003
Admission to the Profession of Accountant and Auditor
Publication, 6 February 2003
Benefits of Sustainability Assurance
Publication, 3 June 2002
Greenhouse Gasses and the Accountancy Profession
Publication, 22 May 2002
Annual Report 2001
Publication, 13 May 2002
E-Commerce: Model Code of Conduct

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