Publication, 9 April 2001
Modernisation of the Accounting Directives
Publication, 30 March 2001
Annual Report 2000
Publication, 5 February 2001
The conceptual approach to protecting auditor independence
Publication, 25 December 2000
Accounting Standard Setting in Europe
Publication, 16 October 2000
Analysis of Responses to FEE Discussion Paper Providing Assurance on Environmental Reports
Publication, 10 October 2000
The Free Movement of Firms
Publication, 21 August 2000
The Fiscal Treatment of the Transfer of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs)
Publication, 14 August 2000
Keeping it in the Family – SME Family Business Succession
Publication, 7 August 2000
Advance Tax Rulings
Publication, 11 July 2000
To what extent can options in International Accounting Standards be used for consolidated accounts under the EC Accounting Directives?
Publication, 10 July 2000
Towards a Generally Accepted Framework for Environmental Reporting
Publication, 12 June 2000
The auditor’s report in Europe

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