Publication, 8 August 2006
FEE Observations on European Court of Justice decided case C – 446/03 v Her Majesty's Inspector of Taxes – June 2006
Publication, 13 June 2006
Key Issues In Sustainability Assurance – An Overview
Publication, 29 May 2006
Annual Report 2005
Publication, 23 May 2006
Analysis of Responses to FEE Discussion Paper Comfort Letters Issued in relation to Financial Information in a Prospectus
Publication, 4 May 2006
Analysis of Responses to the FEE Discussion Paper on Risk Management and Internal Control in the EU
Publication, 25 April 2006
Survey of Financial Control and Expenditure Approval in Central Governments across Europe
Publication, 27 March 2006
Financial Reporting: Convergence, Equivalence and Mutual Recognition
Publication, 17 March 2006
Survey on Implementation of the EU Recommendation on Independence
Publication, 24 February 2006
Accrual Accounting for More Effective Public Policy
Publication, 24 February 2006
Better Financial Information for Better Decision Making
Publication, 23 December 2005
Reference to the Financial Reporting Framework in the EU in Accounting Policies and in the Audit Report and Applicability of Endorsed IFRS
Publication, 20 December 2005
Provision of Accountancy, Audit and Related Services in Europe – A Survey on Market Access Rules

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