Publication, 21 April 2009
FEE Position on EC Consultation Paper on Review of the Accounting Directives – Cutting Accounting Burden for Small Business / Review of the Accounting Directives
Publication, 1 April 2009
FEE Position
Publication, 18 March 2009
FEE Position
Publication, 12 March 2009
The European Private Company – Update
Publication, 17 December 2008
Call for Action – Need to Increase Education in Sustainability for Accountants and Management!
Publication, 8 December 2008
Implementation of Accrual Accounting: The Impact on Public Sector Audit
Publication, 5 December 2008
Discussion Paper Sustainability Information in Annual Reports – Building on Implementation of the Modernisation Directive
Publication, 12 November 2008
FEE Survey on the Network Firm Defintions Across Europe – Update
Publication, 2 October 2008
Quality Assurance for the Statutory Audit
Publication, 26 September 2008
Pending ECJ case C-138/07, N. V. Cobelfret
Publication, 16 September 2008
Practical Experience in Education of Professional Accountants
Publication, 30 June 2008
Annual Review 2007

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