Publication, 12 January 2010
Bank Provisioning and Reserving: A Comparison of Alternatives
Publication, 7 January 2010
FEE issued three policy statements on Sustainability
Publication, 18 December 2009
Policy Statement on XBRL – The impact on Accountants and Auditors
Publication, 9 December 2009
Further to the recent financial crisis, aspects of financial reporting have been put under the spotlight and calls for change have been raised. The financial reporting of losses on financial assets held at amortised cost is one such principal area and the IASB has reacted by proposing a new impairment model. Given the complexity involved in accounting for the impairment of financial assets, both FEE and EFRAG felt that both European constituents and also other interested parties may benefit from having an additional, educational resource to assist them in understanding and analysing the new impairment proposals. EFRAG FEE Paper Impairment of Financial Assets – The Expected Loss Model 0912
Publication, 20 November 2009
Discussion Paper for Auditor’s Role Regarding Providing Assurance on Corporate Governance Statements
Publication, 22 September 2009
Integrity in Professional Ethics – A Discussion Paper
Publication, 1 September 2009
Survey on European and National Legislation and Guidance on the Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
Publication, 1 September 2009
FEE Communication in response to the EU Call for Codes of Conduct on Cross-Border Provision of Services in the EU Internal Market – Professional Accountants and Cross-border Provision of Services
Publication, 1 September 2009
7 key objectives for 5 decisive years
Publication, 24 July 2009
Survey on the Provision of Alternative Assurance and Related Services Across Europe
Publication, 3 July 2009
Call for Action – Sustainability Disclosures in Financial Information Can Be Improved
Publication, 18 June 2009
Annual Review 2008

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