Publication, 28 April 2015
FEE stimulates the tax policy debate in new publication
Publication, 16 April 2015
FEE shows that EU countries increasingly move towards International Standards on Auditing (ISAs)
Publication, 27 March 2015
Information paper on the performance audit in the public sector
Publication, 23 February 2015
FEE issues a Briefing Paper on Auditor Communication
Publication, 19 December 2014
FEE Annual Report 2014
Publication, 2 December 2014
Tax Policy: A Matter for Society as a Whole’
Publication, 30 November 2014
Factsheet on The June 2013 Accounting Directive – Update
Publication, 30 October 2014
FEE issues SMP Sustainability Info Pack
Publication, 30 October 2014
FEE issues SMP Info pack on Sustainability – a Business Opportunity for SMEs?
Publication, 16 October 2014
FEE issues a Briefing Paper on European Public Sector Accounting Standards (EPSAS)
Publication, 8 October 2014
FEE Survey on the PIE definitions applicable in European countries
Publication, 30 September 2014
FEE 2020 Priorities

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