Publication, 3 April 2014
2014 Audit Reform Options Comparison Tables
Publication, 30 March 2014
Reform of the Audit Market – Summary of FEE Publications
Publication, 11 March 2014
Factsheet on Recognition of Professional Qualifications in another EU Member State
Publication, 28 February 2014
Opening a discussion: The Future of Audit and Assurance
Publication, 21 February 2014
FEE submits a letter to the European Commission regarding the new Audit Reform Directive and Regulation
Publication, 10 February 2014
FEE Annual Review 2013
Publication, 16 January 2014
Factsheet on The New June 2013 Accounting Directive
Publication, 18 December 2013
The Future of Professional Organisations
Publication, 17 December 2013
FEE submits a letter to the European Commission regarding Horizon 2020
Publication, 14 November 2013
What do Young European Professional Accountants expect from Professional Organisations? – a 5 minute FEE survey
Publication, 23 October 2013
Paper on the auditor selection process: towards best practices
Publication, 13 September 2013
Factsheet on cross-border audit oversight

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