Publication, 15 June 2016
European SMP survey 2015
Publication, 27 May 2016
Simplified prospectus for SMEs
Publication, 23 May 2016
Audit exemption thresholds in Europe
Publication, 1 April 2016
The key benefits of adopting accrual accounting
Publication, 3 March 2016
FEE issues views on the development of consistent high quality non-financial reporting in Europe
Publication, 5 February 2016
Endorsement of IFRS 9
Publication, 18 January 2016
The impact of the audit reform on audit committees in Europe
Publication, 7 January 2016
European young accountancy professionals, let your voice be heard!
Publication, 4 January 2016
FEE pursues the debate on the future of audit and assurance
Publication, 17 December 2015
FEE issues views on the role of practitioners in providing assurance on disclosure of non-financial information
Publication, 17 December 2015
FEE Annual Report 2015
Publication, 16 October 2015
FEE issues views on the responsibility of the accountancy profession in tax

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