Press release, 11 July 2005
Protecting SMEs from Fraud
News, 8 July 2005
Endorsement of IAS 39 Fair Value Option
Press release, 4 July 2005
The Financial Reporting Policy Group is preparing an analysis of the detailed responses received on the FEE Discussion Paper Reporting Issues in relation to Endorsed IFRS and Possible Implications for the Audit Report and intends to publish this analysis together with recommendations during the Summer. Contact FEE Technical Director, Saskia Slomp for details.
News, 4 July 2005
CEIOPS Launches Consultation on Solvency II
Press release, 30 June 2005
Supply Chain Key Element in the Management of Business Risk
Newsletter, 23 June 2005
European Update – Issue No. 1/2005
Newsletter, 23 June 2005
European Update – Issue No. 1/2005
Press release, 22 June 2005
Update on International Standard on Disclosure Requirements
News, 21 June 2005
Legal Affairs Committee Votes on Audit Proposal
Press release, 21 June 2005
FEE Calls for Amendment to the Regulation on Prospectuses
Press release, 31 May 2005
Alternatives to Existing Capital Maintenance Regime
Press release, 25 May 2005
The FEE Public Sector Committee met on 25 May 2005 in Poitiers (France) on the occasion of the 10th Biennial CIGAR Conference. A joint meeting was held to discuss cooperation and projects of mutual interest. The Consultative International Governmental Accountancy Research (CIGAR) is a network of scholars interested in cross-national aspects of public sector budgeting, accounting, financial reporting and auditing. The network was established to promote cooperation between scholars of different countries working in the same field. For more information about this meeting contact: Saskia Slomp, FEE Technical Director.

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