News, 10 August 2023
The ISSB should develop more sustainability reporting standards and provide support to enact them
News, 14 July 2023
Europe needs robust sustainability reporting standards that enable a successful implementation
Stories from practice, 5 July 2023
Insight from SME accountants: how to improve SMEs’ access to green finance
News, 16 June 2023
Accountancy Europe makes EC’s draft DA and EFRAG’s Draft ESRS comparison available
News, 26 April 2023
Accountancy Europe joins EU Green Week 2023
News, 26 April 2023
Accountancy Europe calls for an ambitious EU due diligence framework
Blog, 19 April 2023
Beyond the books: soft skills as important for accountants as technical knowledge
News, 20 March 2023
Training Italian accountants to take up the sustainability challenge
News, 3 March 2023
Finnish auditors gearing up for a comprehensive ESG training
Stories from practice, 27 February 2023
Insight from SME accountants: kicking off the sustainability journey
News, 23 January 2023
Collaboration – the key to high-quality sustainability education framework for accountants
News, 8 December 2022
Joint statement on the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive

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