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30 October 2013

Smart regulation and simplification of EU law

“Smart regulation” means delivering EU policies and laws that bring the greatest possible benefits to people and businesses in the most effective way.

Smart regulation is a continuous process, not a one off operation. Ensuring that EU legislation is ‘fit for purpose’ is essential for putting Europe back on track towards more growth and jobs. Therefore, the Commission initiated a Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme (REFIT) in December 2012.

On 2 October 2013, the European Commission took a further step to make EU law lighter and “fit for purpose”: in a Communication, the Commission sets out, by policy area, where it will take further action to simplify or withdraw EU laws, reduce the burden on businesses and make sure that implementation of EU laws is becoming easier.

FEE has always actively contributed to this important initiative in the past years.


Related files: 

 Comment letter to Jakub Koniecki, European Commission, 30 June 2010

 Comment letters to EU Commissioner McCreevy, 19 October 2007 and 26 September 2007

 Press release, 5 February 2008

 Background note, 11 July 2007

 Position Paper, 21 March 2007


Background documents:

 Communication on Regulatory Fitness and Performance (REFIT): Results and Next Steps, 2 October 2013 and  Annex

 Press release, 2 October 2013

 Communication on Strengthening the foundations of Smart Regulation – improving evaluation, 2 October 2013 and Annex 


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