Consultation response, 16 December 2004
Shareholder Rights
Consultation response, 14 December 2004
Exposure Draft Clarifying Professional Requirements in International Standards on Auditing
Consultation response, 20 October 2004
Prospectuses: Recommendations for the Consistent Implementation of the EC Regulation 809/2004
Consultation response, 19 October 2004
Proposal for a Directive on the Services in the Internal Market
Consultation response, 23 September 2004
Preliminary Views on International Accounting Standards for SMEs
Consultation response, 7 September 2004
FEE Comment Letter on EC Working Document on Draft Commission Recommendation on Fostering an Appropriate Regime for the Remuneration of Directors
Consultation response, 30 August 2004
Simplifying VAT Obligations
Consultation response, 30 July 2004
Transparency Directive: Call for Evidence Regarding Possible Implementing Measures
Consultation response, 30 June 2004
FEE has written to EFRAG regarding their draft comment letter on IASB’s Discussion Paper of 24 March 2004: Strengthening the IASB’s Deliberative Processes. FEE has also written to the IASB regarding the Discussion Paper.
Consultation response, 30 June 2004
FEE Position on IAS 32 & IAS 39 (missing link)
Consultation response, 30 June 2004
Public Sector: Revenue from Non-Exchange Transactions
Consultation response, 30 June 2004
Public Sector: Accounting for Social Policies of Governments

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