Consultation response, 20 June 2005
FEE Comments on Interpretation of Service Concession Arrangements
Consultation response, 3 June 2005
Equivalence of Third Country GAAP and Enforcement Mechanisms for Financial
Consultation response, 1 June 2005
Technical Advice on Possible Implementing Measures of the Transparency Directive
Consultation response, 17 May 2005
FEE has commented on the EFRAG draft endorsement advice on the cash flow hedge accounting amendment to IAS 39 published on 14 April 2005 by the IASB.
Consultation response, 27 April 2005
In June 2005 the IASB will issue an amendment to the fair value option in IAS 39. FEE has commented on the proposal for this amendment in two separate letters. FEE has also commented on the draft endorsement advice published by EFRAG.Related files:
Consultation response, 21 April 2005
FEE Suggests Changes to the Proposed Amendments to the Fourth and Seventh Directives
Consultation response, 21 April 2005
Capital Maintenance Regime
Consultation response, 4 April 2005
FEE comment letter responds to the European Commission consultation paper: VAT – The place of supply of services to non-taxable persons. Comment Letter
Consultation response, 31 March 2005
Potential IAA Standards regarding International Financial Reporting Standards
Consultation response, 24 March 2005
Implications of IFRS on the Prudential Supervision of Insurance Undertakings
Consultation response, 1 March 2005
IASCF Constitution Review
Consultation response, 21 February 2005
Proposal to Amend the Fourth and Seventh Directives

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