Consultation response, 1 June 2023
IIASB’s proposed Global Internal Audit Standards
Consultation response, 11 May 2023
IESBA’s proposed revisions to the Code addressing tax planning and related services
Consultation response, 3 May 2023
IAASB’s consultation on proposed Part 10, Audits of Group Financial Statements of the proposed ISA for LCE
Consultation response, 26 April 2023
Letter to the EC on the EFRAG funding for the development of credible and successful ESRS
Consultation response, 24 April 2023
IAASB’s consultation on proposed International Standard on Auditing 500 (revised): audit evidence
Consultation response, 21 April 2023
Letter to the EC on the rationalisation and simplification of reporting requirements
Consultation response, 12 April 2023
IAASB’s consultation on Proposed Strategy and Work Plan for 2024-2027
Consultation response, 1 February 2023
PCAOB’s consultation on new quality control standard
Consultation response, 17 January 2023
IPSASB’s exposure draft 83, reporting sustainability program information
Consultation response, 21 October 2022
OECD’s consultation on the review of the G20/OECD principles of corporate governance
Consultation response, 18 October 2022
IPSASB’S consultation on natural resources
Consultation response, 12 October 2022
EC’s consultation on tax evasion and aggressive tax planning in the EU

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