7 January 2020

Meet Christian Orth – our new Audit & Assurance Policy Group Chair

Christian Orth has been appointed the new Chair of Accountancy Europe Audit and Assurance Policy Group. He stresses how important it is to remember that we live in an ever changing environment that brings threats but also opportunities. Professional accountants have a lot to bring to society. “ We are and continue to be a cornerstone of good corporate governance. The profession is highly influential and serves the public interest.”

His ambition for the AAPG is to shape the future of good corporate governance through its work. “We need to be progressive and forward looking.”  There are 3 factors that are key to achieve the work programme of the AAPG:

  • Listening – to stakeholders, share knowledge and best practices
  • Alignment –  have one unified voice among MB
  • Progress – be cutting-edge and progressive

Watch the interview below for more on the AAPG’s work programme and why these priorities matter:

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