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7 December 2016

Accountancy Europe – a new beginning on solid foundations Federation of European Accountants changes name and elects new leadership

7 December 2016 marked both the 30th anniversary of the European organisation for accountants, auditors, and advisors its change of name to Accountancy Europe.

With over 500 stakeholders from the EU institutions, business, governments, NGOs, and civil society, the association not only looked back on what it achieved in Europe and beyond; it set out its future, with a new name, a new website, but most of all a new philosophy: ‘Because people count’. Outgoing President Petr Kriz explained the name change and welcomed Edelfried Schneider as the new President.

Olivier Boutellis-Taft, Chief Executive said “Professional accountants deliver expertise to businesses of all sizes, policy makers, and civil society. They bring the trust, integrity, and transparency that make economies sustainable. Accountancy Europe speaks for almost 1 million professional accountants in Europe and helps them look ahead and respond to the challenges of today and tomorrow.”

President Edelfried Schneider commented: “Accountancy Europe is ready for the next 30 years and beyond. Technology will keep changing our work, but I believe people are actually going to count even more. Computers can process information, but people will have to interpret it and provide ethical judgement, and strategic advice. Trust is fundamental to any society, any market, any transaction and professional accountants are the providers of trust.”

Because people count

Our new logo is the outline of a human figure. The ‘A’ refers to the accountants, auditors, and advisors we represent, but it also signifies an umbrella (indicating our role in uniting our members), an arrow and target (suggesting accuracy and efficiency), and loudhailer (giving a prominent ‘voice’ to the profession in Europe and beyond).

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